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cpap vs bipap

Have you been diagnosed with sleep apnea? Your doctor could prescribe one of two types of sleep apnea machines for your sleeping disorder, a CPAP or BiPap machine. Which one do you believe is the best? The CPAP has been a lifesaver, literally. Keeping airways open so those who have sleep apnea can sleep without the dangers of not breathing.

The Differences Between the CPAP and the BiPAP

The CPAP machine is designed to increase the pressure when you inhale to keep the airways in the nose, throat and mouth from closing while you are sleeping. This has been a great help to many people who suffer from sleep apnea and may stop breathing several times a night.

On the other hand, the BiPAP machine may help as well. Using the same setup as a CPAP with tubing, masks and a machine, the BiPAP uses a different setting. The CPAP uses one pressure and the BiPAP uses two. These two pressures are called inhalation pressure (IPAP) and the exhalation pressure (EPAP).

Where the CPAP works as the person using it inhales, the BiPAP provides more breathing assistance. They have been prescribed for patients who have congestive heart failure and other serious diseases affecting the heart and lungs. People with nerve and muscle problems may also benefit from the BiPAP machine rather than the CPAP machine.

The BiPAP is preset with two settings. The pressure when inhaling and exhaling is monitored. When the person sleeping does not breathe for a certain amount of time, the BiPAP increases pressure and forces them to take a breath. There are higher level CPAP machines that do this as well. These machines need a BPM (breathes per minute) setting that is targeted to your particular breathing needs.

Both machines are designed to make sure the users breathe a set number of times per minute. One of the main benefits of the BiPAP machine is the pressure is decreased as the person breathes out. This keeps them from having to work as hard at breathing and the person is able to have a more restful sleep.

The BiPAP machine is not large or noisy. They are designed to make the least amount of noise possible so you can sleep. The inclusion of a humidifier may be included with the BiPAP making it a higher end machine than the CPAP.

The main difference between these two machines will be the needs of the patient. The one that will help each individual with the specific breathing problems they have will be based on doctor's examinations and recommendations. A sleep test will be conducted to allow the doctor to see exactly what settings are needed on the type of machine required.

The CPAP machine will be used for mild sleep apnea. Make no mistake, this can be a dangerous condition. It just depends on the levels of sleep apnea to govern the needed machine. Both machines are quite beneficial and are crucial to keeping sleepers breathing when they have problems.

In conclusion, remember, the sleep apnea machines are not designed to be used as ventilators. They do not breathe for you. They merely make sure you take the number of breaths per minute that your doctor believes is right for you. After doing tests to determine what the correct number may be, the doctor will advise you as to which machine he thinks you need.

CPAP Manufactors

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   AirSense 10 Autoset
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   H4i™ Humidifier
   H5i™ Humidifier
   Airfit N10 Nasal and Full Face
   Quattro Air Full Face Mask
   Mirage FX Mask™
   Mirage SoftGel Mask™
   Swift™ FX Nano
   Swift™ FX Nano for her
   Swift™ FX Mask
   Swift™ FX for her Mask
   Mirage Activa™ LT Mask
   Mirage Micro™ Mask
   Mirage Vista™ Mask
   Mirage Quattro™ Mask
   Mirage Liberty™ Mask
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 Remstar Plus w/ C-Flex
 Remstar Pro w/ C-Flex
 Remstar Auto w/ A-Flex
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